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Powrachute AirWolf 912

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The Powrachute Sky Rascal is simply one cool single sport machine. Sometimes happiness is just being single, and this is certainly the way to do it. With its sleek lightweight design, integral frontal fuselage bars, and powerful engine, you will be ready to truly solo!
Stall Speed Virtually stall resistant
Max Payload 447 Engine: 300 LBS **
  503 Engine: 350 LBS**
Take Off Roll 25 FT to 300 FT*
Land Roll 10 Ft. to 100 FT*
Sink Rate 10 - 12 FT. per second
Glide Ratio 3:1 to 4:1 (rectangular)  5:1 to 6:1 (elliptical)
Air Speed 26 - 35 MPH
Climb Rate 350- 1000 FPM
Descent Rate 600 FPM (engine off)   
*Into the wind ** Max payload includes occupants & fuel


Discover the all new Pegasus Dual-Individual-Seat Powrachute! Separate seating not only gives its passengers more comfort and safety, but the newly designed machine demonstrates incredible performance with a climb rate that exceeds any PPC in its class! Comfort, Safety, Performance, and Powrachute's Superior Quality...what more could you ask for in a powered parachute? This truly is the ultimate 2-place flying machine that you've been waiting for! Pegasus...a fantasy come true!


Stall Speed Virtually stall resistant
Max Payload 500 LBS **
Take Off Roll 25 FT to 300 FT *
Land Roll 10 Ft. to 100 FT*
Sink Rate 10 - 12 FT. per second
Glide Ratio 3:1 to 4:1 (rectangular)
  5:1 to 6:1 (elliptical)
Air Speed 26 - 35 MPH
Climb Rate 350- 1000 FPM
Descent Rate 600 FPM (engine off)
*Into the wind ** Max payload includes occupants & fuel

Note: As with all aircraft, winds, altitude, temperatures, humidity and all around atmosphere conditions can and will vary performance of your Powrachute. The gross weight (payload + aircraft) can and will affect the performance of your Powrachute. Performance

Welcome to the world’s leading manufacturer of Powered Parachutes.

Founded in 1999 as Powrachute Corporation, Powrachute continues to set the pace 
for the industry and expand the scope of powered parachutes. Now an industry 
leader with unmatched name recognition, Powrachute completed Light Sport 
certification for all our two place models. Over its rich history, Powrachute has 
delivered more than 1500 aircraft to our customers around the world.

With forward thinking in advanced concepts, Powrachute continues to create new 
advances to make the sport of powered parachutes the safest form of flight. These 
unique aircraft fly with a ram air wing similar to sky diving wings. You fly like an 
airplane taking off and landing in very short distances. You simply steer right and left 
with your foot controls and up and down with power setting. This is simply the 
easiest form of flight on the planet.

Headquartered in Hastings, Michigan, Powrachute continues to provide every 
customer with the highest quality products, service and support second to none.


Intelligently engineered and designed. Tough and reliable with superior performance!  If you simply want the best of everything… settle for nothing less than the 912 AirWolf.  It’s 4 stroke 100 HP powerplant will take you over mountains and carry high payloads in thin air. Extended flight time with less fuel burn and an impressive 2000 hour “To Be Overhauled” (TBO) time. This truly is a remarkable aircraft!  From the first time you take flight in the AirWolf, you will notice the smooth power of the 912…there is nothing else like it! For the pilot that demands the best… the Powrachute 912 Airwolf is the perfect choice.  This machine is available as either an E-LSA or S-LSA  Certified.   Fly the Best!


ROTAX 912ULS 100hp engine – Stainless Steel Exhaust – Dual Quad Hydraulic Spring Over Suspension – SUPER 912 (EIS) Electronic Information System with altimeter – Electric Fuel Pump – 10 gallon Fuel Tank –Choice of Color Powdercoat – Rigid Chromoly frame extending full length – 4 Point Harness Seatbelts – Deluxe Dual Seats  – Ground Steering Tow Handle – Strobe Light – Standard or Extended Footbars – Dry Cell Battery – Gear Reduction – Electric Starter – Spun Aluminum Wheels – Tundra Tires – 912ULS 100hp Engine – Oil Cooler – Side Bag – Turf Glide Tundra Tires – 3 Blade 68″ Warpdrive Propeller – Performance Designs PD500 wing – Chute Bag and Line socks.


Gas Charged Shocks – Candy Color Paint – Disc Brakes – Ceramic Coated Exhaust – Painted Valve Covers – Extra Side Bag – Rock Guard – Fuel Sending Unit – Fuel Gasculator – Premium Rudder Trim Locks – Dual Throttle – Dual Steering Ground and Air Options – Light Bar With Landing Lights – Large Spinner – 15 or 18 Gallon Fuel Cell – Custom Bucket Style Seats – PD550 Wing – Side Mounted Ground Steering – Rear Seat Kill Switch – LED Marker Light and Strobe Package – Composite Engine Cover – S-LSA or E-LSA.



Weight: 462 lbs without wing
486lbs with wing
Width: 81.5 inches with Tundra tires
Height: 88 inches with Air shocks
Length: 128 inches
Stall speed: Virtually stall resistant
Max payload 550 wing: 700lbs @MSL
Max payload 500 wing: 650lbs @MSL
Take off roll: 50ft to 300ft*
Landing roll: 10ft to 100ft*
Sink rate: 10-12 ft per sec
Glide ratio: 4:1
Airspeed: 32-36 mph*
Climb rate: 700-1200 fpm*
Decent rate: 600 fpm engine off

*As with all aircraft: payload, winds, altitude, temperature, humidity and all around atmospheric conditions can and will vary the performance of your PPC.