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we sell new & used ppcs


Welcome.  Please let me introduce you to Future Flight, LLC., a full time, full service, PPC dealer.  Our goal is to safely introduce as many people as possible to the fun, wonderful world of Powered Parachutes (PPCs).


Our clients say ...

Simply put, there is no flying like flying a Powered Parachute (PPC).  No windows or doors, just the wind in your face and an unrestricted view of the countryside below at speeds that allow you to appreciate it all.

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Since 1984, our staff has been in the PPC business.  We sell new and used PPCs and then train you to fly them. Our PPC facility is located at Lavon North Airport, a short drive northeast of Dallas near Princeton Texas. 

It's the most fun I ever had with my cloths on.  A must for your bucket list!


-- Annie Newbie, Carlsbad, Ca.

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We fly by appointments 7 day a week
early morning and evening.  Give us a call and we will get you on the schedule